Association of Dutch Cold-Storage and Freezing Warehouses (Nekovri)

Nekovri is the most important organisation in the Netherlands in the field of temperature-sensitive products. Members of Nekovri are refrigeration and freezer companies, storage and transport companies, and cold-storage and freezer warehouses whose activities add value to the products of third parties. Nekovri members are developing more and more into logistic partners of producers, importers, wholesalers and retailers.

The value of the goods that Nekovri members store for their customers amounts to between €4 and €4.5 billion a year. The total storage capacity of the 135 member companies in the Netherlands is almost 15 million m³.

The sector is characterised by the great diversity of services and broad representation in almost all chains. Cold-storage and freezing warehouses are a central link and very important within these chains. The increasingly stringent requirements in terms of hygiene, food safety and traceability have led to a greater need for conditioned logistics services and have strengthened the role and position of our sector, partly in view of the key transit function of the Netherlands in the international arena.

Nekovri supports its members with facilities activities. Essential to this support is continuously updating the objectives and aligning them to the developments in the sector and the demand of its members. Three themes are paramount in this respect: Representation of interests, provision of services and planning & development. Representation of interests remains the most important task, although the focus is shifting more towards industry regulation and industry development.


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