General Storage Conditions

The general storage conditions of Nekovri often serve as the basis for membership. This is understandable, as the conditions are well structured and are written and reasoned from the industry's viewpoint. There are numerous examples of member companies that have successfully defended huge claims against them thanks to the conditions.

Proper use of the conditions

The first and most important rule is that the conditions are to be used exclusively by the members of Nekovri. Misuse and improper use are punishable by law! If you are not or no longer a member, the terms and conditions may not or no longer be declared applicable. The protection even ceases for contracts that were concluded earlier. If you decide to use the General Storage Conditions despite not being a Nekovri member, the conditions will not be legally valid and you be committing an offence that can lead to serious penalties.

When you declare the conditions applicable, you must clearly inform your client and ensure that your client is given the opportunity to read the conditions thoroughly.

The Nekovri conditions were completely revised, updated and filed with the Registry of the District Court in Rotterdam on 1 September 2020. As such, any earlier storage conditions no longer apply. The previous conditions will continue to be valid on existing contracts, unless you agree explicitly with your client that the new conditions apply to all current and/or new contracts. (Record this in writing to avoid any misunderstandings).

Specific documents are still available for members (you need to be logged in to access them) relating to the use of the conditions.

Draft storage agreement


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